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Reality Insanity
My Reality; Insanity
I look at my reflection in the mirror,
That goddamn crooked broken mirror,
All I can think;
How did it ever come to this?
My face was a mess,
Unshaven and rough,
My right eye was swollen,
My cheek was cut.
I wear an old t shirt,
The white's fading away.
Small holes are showing,
With rusty blood stains.
Atop that is my old flannel shirt,
Unbuttoned and loose,
Hung with dismal look;
Such an uncaring way.
Topping it off is my green army coat.
Rag-tag and heavy,
With its intimidating look.
The surroundings are shoddy,
The walls make it clear,
Cracked and cluttered,
From years of abuse.
Crimson drops swirl eagerly,
With the gushing water below,
Painting the yellow stained sink,
With the deep colors of life.
Wherever I glance,
Dilapidation ensues.
My eyes come to rest,
Weary and cool.
I'm used to it now,
This life that I live,
The darkness around me,
And the light it gives way.
I imagine the warmth,
Of the life I could have,
Dressing in fashion,
Following fads.
Walking t
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This Feeling
This feeling this feeling I wish I could say,
I wish I could say what I so desperately need to say.
The words that are needed for me to be me,
A person who longs to be free.
But I'm stuck standing still with a mouth full of glue,
Chewing the bit that I now belong to.
Meanwhile these words wreak havoc within,
Racing a mind that's stretching to thin.
The thoughts won't stop coming,
Slipping through time,
Flailing while falling,
Screaming in rhyme.
For every idea that I never say,
Countless thoughts turning ashen gray,
With feelings condemned behind tight lips,
Emotion never sways;
A heart of gristle that has become too tough.
I wonder now... I wonder still,
I wonder why I've this dreadful will,
I wonder how I'll take my days,
I wonder if I'll stay this way,
Trying hard to no success,
Falling, flying unto death.
A sprint and a hurdle;
A plotted course,
A course unchanging,
No remorse.
The sorrow instilled,
A monstrous force,
This course,
This course;
I cannot say of my wi
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The twisted speech imparts in time,
A reality of writing one cannot deny,
These words as thoughts exist in will,
The will of the person to thus instill;
Emotions of life molded easily,
Entwined in a wrap of thought and rhyme.
Whimsical melodies of texts we read,
Playing dreadfully in my mind,
Soothing my ears with wailing jeers,
Hypocrisy at its best.
The philosopher the poet,
The author who wrote it,
The man and the women,
The earth in its kind,
The reality of nothing,
The soul next in line,
All the forgotten,
Of a forgotten time.
And so we sit with pen in hand,
Parchments written to soothe the land,
Of re-created lost beliefs,
To teach the masses of long lost speech.
Its nothing but life in the simplest terms,
A twist and a jerk and a momentary still.
To silence the quaking of iron clad will,
To fend off the requiem of what we all till.
:iconladen-remorse:Laden-Remorse 1 3
Moving Forward
I've got to bury the past,
before it buries me,
I've been living a life,
of regret and agony.
I've been moving forward,
with these backward steps,
confusing reality,
with what should be past events.
What's over should be over,
whats done should remain done.
Everything in the future,
will come when it will come.
one step forward,
two steps back,
three steps sideways,
and I lose track.
Starting over,
one more time,
beginning forward,
with past behind,
Now it's...
two steps forward,
no steps back,
no more reason,
to lose track.
Build momentum,
let it flow,
keep on moving,
don't let go.
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to kill a memory
Every time I turn away,
I can feel your eyes on me,
Why is this so difficult;
Killing a memory.
Everything I used to be,
All trapped inside of me,
Can't you see it's killing me;
killing a memory.
Each day is filled eternally,
With constant screaming memory,
Thriving on our minds design,
Forming what we cannot hide.
Creating how we see the day...
Creating perceptions either way...
Creating everything we say...
Creating the reason that we obey...
Every breath of every day,
Coming now so rapidly,
Whats the point of yesterdays;
Killing a memory.
Colors whirl in their design,
Painting lives that we call fine,
Where's the truth in what we see;
Killing a memory.
Each day is filled eternally,
With constant screaming memory,
Thriving on our minds design,
Forming what we cannot hide.
Creating how we act each day...
Creating thoughts that always stay...
Creating everything we say...
Creating the reason that we obey...
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Sorry but I don't know if i'll be using this account anymore. Just thought I'd let anyone who still pays attention know.


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